"With his expressive voice and his unerring instinct for sound, Ken Norris fuses the qualities of a skilled jazz vocalist with the approach of an instrumentalist. Norris plays in his own special way, always with a revisited and corrected instrumentation. Above all, he performs a jazz in which the role of the singer is completely reexamined. . . He creates space for the voice in the center of the arrangement. Pretentious? Absolutely not. Rather, he is a lover of musical interaction." - Le Dauphinois

“Look out: a revelation! The talent of a true jazz singer, gifted with a superb musical harmonic sense. To situate this newcomer, those who adore Kurt Elling and David Lynx will not be disappointed. . . In a year of ‘nothing new on the jazz scene, thank you for daring." - Alex Dutilh, Jazzman Magaine, Paris,

"With his rich baritone voice and interpretive skills, singer Ken Norris can growl out a desperate plea for love one moment, scat swingingly the next, all the time making it look so effortless. It’s like seeing the soaring spire and not thinking how deep the foundations are.” - Tim Baker, Paris Free Voice

“One discovers with Ken Norris a formidable singer with a surprisingly mobile voice. At ease in all registers, he affirms . . . his stunning presence…" - Pierre de Choqueuse, Jazzman Magazine, Paris

2106:  A year of development and FOCUS:  After years of collaborations too wide-ranging and diverse to mention, I'd like to focus my work on feeling 100% PRESENT in every moment of my life, be it on stage or no.  So please come hear the performance, meet the musicians, enjoy the sounds and sights, and let's live every moment fully.  The mode has gone from minor to Lydian:  we are all stars, and the good wine shall be poured.  2016 is a time to re-dedicate ourselves to understanding the true value of human life and to learn to fight, stronger and harder, but for the things which create the greatest VALUE.

Let's invest in quality, let's continue to believe in humanity,in all it's diversity, and let's DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE....... 

Ken Norris, April 2016