ACCESS Workshops for Jazz Vocalists -

starting April 24th, 2021, 7pm CET


What if you could remember everything you’ve ever heard - each song, each conversation, every sound?  The calls of a thousand birds, the riffs of your favourite guitarist, the sound of your mother’s voice or of a train in the distance?

...And be able to access that sound and weave it into the stories that tell on stage as a Jazz singer?  What would that be like?

Wouldn’t it be great to have ACCESS to more detail and expressivity when we improvise?  To have the feeling that we are really working in a musical language that fits us, that fits the musical moment, that the band understands, and that the audience can really dig?  I think so!

Well, that’s what I dream about and have spent years developing.  For all of us….

Hi it’s Ken here and I’m very happy to tell you about the upcoming workshops I’ve prepared based on my research and teaching of jazz singing. If this message has found you, it’s because I believe that this course and the resources I’ve developed can help you improve your solos, refine your artistic vision, get into the Zone onstage, and become more effective at communication, as simple as that.

Let’s take the fear out of improvising and replace it with an approach that stimulates and excites us and brings us closer to the band when making music!!

During the Corona pandemic, we have all had to practice alone, without our bands. But my practice program makes working alone more efficient. 

Here’s why I started ACCESS: My teaching and my personal experiences on stages all around the world have shown me that, often, despite the level of theoretical understanding we have of harmony, rhythm, tradition and theory, our access to musical material in that on stage moment - remains elusive. Simply put, we lose a part of our ability to communicate affectively - we blank out.  We disconnect.  And this is an issue that singers of all levels of experience face.  If you have had that disconnected feeling, you are not alone. 

For that reason, I have dedicated myself to helping singers get that access back, so we can step out on stage and make great, musical, meaningful solos and, more importantly, to be good and authentic communicators. That’s what ACCESS workshops are all about.

So this workshop series, which will begin in April of 2021, is part of a larger platform for all Jazz vocalists, or singers who enjoy improvising. 

What we will learn in this workshop is not vocal technique but communication technique as applied to vocal improvisation. 

Proficiency in communication is the way for us to move forward, because our work as jazz singers begins with the  language skills you already have and use - every day of your life - without even thinking about it. The tools I will introduce you to will change your focus while practicing, will help you understand what you need to work on and, and will give you my best and most efficient rehearsal practices which you can do by yourself, and in many cases without a piano. 

In ACCESS well be taking a closer look at language and meaning, phrasing and flow, elements of the jazz vocabulary, authenticity, and will spend time expanding the definition of what vocal soloing is all about.  We’ll be playing lots of games, getting out of the horrible habit of being critical which performing, and have a good time. 

The 3-hour interactive courses will take place online in small groups, in English, with the possibility to communicate in French or German for those who need some clarification during our process.  ACCES begins on April 24th at 19:00 CET (that’s Central European Time)

Just click on the link below for further information, dates, times, pricing etcetera. And if you know someone who would welcome the change to gain new knowledge and start improvising better, feel free to forward this invitation on to them.   And feel free to write to me via email if you any questions.

Thanks for your attention and welcome to the ACCESS workshops!  See you online in just a few weeks.